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The Team

Who We Are

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Matt Nordman, BCBA

Founder & CEO

Matt has worked in the ABA field for over a decade, working with individuals in schools, centers, non-profit centers, and homes. He founded Modern Behavior Consulting in February 2021.

Matt enjoys spending time with his wife, Jennifer, and two kids, Logan and Harper. He is a big fan of the Chicago Bulls and Fighting Illini. 

Gurpreet Birk, BCBA

Clinical Supervisor

Gurpreet has made a tremendous impact on our families and clinicians alike, always striving for the best with an incredible, positive outlook on life.


How were you introduced to ABA?

"I have been working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in varying capacities since 2004. My passion for this population increased as the years progressed especially during my time in grad school studying educational psychology and bridging the gap between the IDD population and psychology. My ABA career started shortly after graduating in 2018 and haven’t looked back since!"


A few fun facts about you:

"When I am not being a BCBA, you can find me touring around the country and world playing music. As a trained percussionist, I have had the privilege of playing on various stages, as well as, many weddings for more than a decade. 


Zaineb Abdulla, BCBA

Clinical Supervisor

Zaineb has been a BCBA for over four years. She supports our team primarily in a consulting role. Zaineb is also fluent in American Sign Language, which has proven to be very helpful. 

Zaineb, or "Z" for short, has her own company as well and supports several different clients throughout Chicagoland.

Klaryssa Cornejo, BCBA

Clinical Supervisor

Klaryssa has been with the company for a year and a half and is an essential part of our team's mission to provide the best services.

How were you introduced to ABA?

"I was working as a counselor for adolescents and learned about ABA from a co-worker who was trying to incorporate ABA at our site. I started working as a behavior technician later that year in 2018. I then took an undergrad course “Into to ABA” which lead me to continue a career and higher education in ABA"

A few fun facts about you:

"Fun facts about me, I have two children of my own. I like to travel and try new hiking trails. I like to attend music festivals, I like to read research articles for fun. I will be taking the BCBA exam sometime this year and my favorite movie is LaLa Land."

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Alanna Paule, RBT

Office Administrator

Alanna has been on our team for over a year and is the only employee in a "hybrid" role, splitting her time between both 1:1 therapy sessions and office administrative tasks. 

How were you introduced to ABA?

I was introduced to ABA after being a paralegal with a firm that worked to advance the rights of those with disabilities. My supervising attorney worked closely with a BCBA and I was able to shadow a few ABA sessions and thought I would give it a try myself. With this, I realized I enjoyed the practice of ABA, the constant and consistent positivity, and stuck with it ever since.

A few fun facts about you:

I make music under a semi-popular pseudonym and love to create musical scores for every major event in my life.


Abby De Bellis, RBT

Senior RBT

One of MBC's hard-working RBTs, Abby has been with us for over a year and her rapport with both families and clinicians alike is a highlight throughout the company. She was recently promoted to Senior RBT.

How were you introduced to ABA?
"I was introduced to ABA through a “Learners with Special and Diverse Needs” course at the University I attended."

A few fun facts about you:

"I’m born on the 4th of July, I love to read, and my favorite color is pink."


Trinity Heisler, RBT

Senior RBT

One of MBC's amazing therapists! This January will mark one year since Trinity joined our team, and she already made quite the positive impression on our team and families. Trinity was recently promoted to Senior RBT.

How were you introduced to ABA?
"I was first introduced to ABA a little more than 3 years ago by a friend of mine, who told me about the role of an RBT and knew that I wanted to learn more. I’ve always had a passion for helping people, and enjoy working with kiddos. ABA was the best of both worlds!"

A few fun facts about you:
"I have a Mini Australian Shepherd named Dakota, I collect many types of crystals, some of my hobbies include meditation and ghost hunting, and I love pickles!"

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