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Why Us?

Transparent Communication
Family Owned & Operated
Low Turnover

Our founder, Matthew Nordman, has experience working with schools, clinics, non-profit organizations, and some of the largest ABA companies in the country. He sees firsthand where large companies succeed and, more importantly, where they can often fail. 

Modern Behavior Consulting is a step ahead of these types of companies because we can make guarantees that they cannot:

No waitlists. Nearly every large ABA company has a bad reputation for taking on families faster than they can hire technicians. It's easy to fool families during the assessment process and tell them that there are plenty of technicians, only for them to go months without services. Often large companies do this because they never turn down potential clients. At Modern Behavior Consulting, one of our three core principles is transparent communication. We will be upfront with families when (or if) we do not have technicians and give you the option to reach out in the future. 


As a small business we will always prioritize quality over quantity. We are family-owned and do not have venture capitalists or private equity firms to answer to like a lot of our competition. We are in no rush to fill caseloads or bring in clients more quickly than we can handle. 

Ensuring that we uphold the "Modern" in our business name by always staying on top of new technologies. You won't find any burned out iPads or archaic scheduling software when working with us. In a field like ABA that is constantly changing, our technology allows parents to review and stay on top of their child's treatment via online portals, pay for bills with secure online payment plans, and complete forms using HIPAA-compliant software.  

A fun place where technicians want to work and stay. Not only is it hard to find great technicians, but it is even harder to keep them. The Behavioral Health Center of Excellence (BHCOE), the main international accrediting body for this field, reported that the average turnover rate from 2015-2018 ranged between 47-52%. Our owner has mentored over 50 technicians in his career and knows the reasons why employees leave ABA companies, so he has plans in place to prevent this high turnover rate in a way that larger companies cannot, primarily by offering benefits like health insurance, frequent mentoring from a clinical supervisor, and more engagement between different technicians in order to build a culture of support.

Accredited. For families it is hard to tell which ABA companies are high quality, especially if they are new and/or small. This is one area where large companies often have the benefit, since families at least know that they are working with a proven system that has led to success. The best way to show that Modern Behavior Consulting LLC takes therapy seriously and is the best fit for children is by going through the process to get accredited with BHCOE (mentioned above). 

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