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What to Expect

Assessment Process with Modern Behavior Consulting


"How long does it take?" 1 hour
"Where does it take place?" Via Zoom or phone call (your preference!)
"How do I sign up?" Click here
"How soon are you available to meet?" Currently we have no waitlist, so we are able to meet as soon as you find a date & time in our Booking Calendar that works for you.
"How should I prepare?" The main two ways to ensure the Intake Meeting is effective are completing the Verification Form (sent to you after scheduling) and getting Zoom, headphones, and video prepared in advance (if you chose Zoom over phone).


"When will I know if my insurance covers ABA?" Within 1 business day of completion of the Verification Form
"What Verification Form?" This is the form that will be emailed to you when you sign up for the Intake Meeting
"How will I be informed of my benefits?" Email. In this same email we will include a form to e-sign, giving us consent to conduct an assessment. Once the form is signed, we will submit an assessment request to your insurance company within one business day.
"What if my insurance doesn't cover ABA?" We will we go over options with you.


"Who conducts the assessment?" Assessments are always conducted by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst ("BCBA") and sometimes an additional technician as well for extra support.

"How soon does the assessment take place?" You will hear from your assigned BCBA within one business day after you sign the Assessment Consent Form. You will work together to schedule the assessment. Typically families find availability within one week.

"How long does it take?" 3-6 hours (we sometimes split the assessment into multiple appointments if necessary)

"Where does it take place?" Your home


"What happens after the assessment?" Within one week the treatment plan and relevant insurance forms will be sent to your insurance company for a treatment authorization. We will send you a copy as well.

"Why do I need a treatment authorization if you already found out that my insurance will cover ABA?" This extra step is always required because insurance companies still need to authorize the specific billing codes that we are requesting for your child.

"How long does it take for insurance to approve ABA?" This is when it gets tricky for families, since it depends on the insurance company. Some are obtained within two business days while others can take nearly a month. We will keep you in the loop with frequent updates via email.


"What is happening while the insurance company is reviewing the treatment plan?" During the time that we wait for the treatment authorization, Modern Behavior Consulting is working with you to finalize a schedule based on the clinical recommendation that was given at the end of the assessment by your BCBA. Our days and times are very flexible. Once the schedule is complete, we work on staffing technicians.


"What happens when you finally receive the treatment authorization?" Once your insurance company confirms that we can move forward with services, your BCBA will reach out to you within one business day to pick a start date for services.

"Who will be working with my child?" Most ABA companies utilize a two-tiered approach to therapy. A technician will work one-on-one with your child, and a BCBA will supervise them. Sometimes our BCBAs work one-on-one with children as well.

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